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Are you a huge League of Legends fan or online gaming in general?  Maybe your friends are already obsessed with fantasy sports such as football, basketball and baseball, but you’ve never really gotten into them.  There is a brand new alternative for those people who prefer e-sports and also want to compete and it is called Alpha Draft.  This revolutionary new website has combined the adrenaline pumping excitement and intensity of fantasy sports with your favorite online games such as League of Legends!

With the exploding popularity of online gaming there has been a new market generated for fans and professional gamers alike thanks to Alpha Draft founder and CEO, Todd Peterson.  The global popularity and craving for e-sports fantasy has long had potential just look at how the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) was able to sell out Staples Center in 2013 as well as the Sangram Stadium in Seoul, South Korea last year.  This unique online community has capitalized on millions of dollars from financial backers to reward fans and gamers alike with the potential to compete on a weekly basis and earn money for themselves!  Learn just exactly how this fantasy system will work and begin winning money for yourself now!

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What Is Alpha Draft?

You may not realize it, but fantasy sports is a billion dollar business these days.  Websites for fantasy sports such as Fanduel is worth over $1 billion due to its excitement and adrenaline.  You may just be a casual sports fan or participate in an office league with your coworkers, but fantasy sports can turn a meaningless game into a nail-biter with real money on the line for you!  ESports have taken off recently as well thanks to Twitch livestreaming, which allows viewers and fans to watch their favorite professional gamers play and practice on a daily basis.  Now instead of being just a casual fan or viewer you can become invested in your favorite games by earning money depending on the results of pro gamers!

alphadraft reviewHow Does Alpha Draft Work?

Your mission is as follows; you draft your own dream team consisting of the eligible LCS professionals in that week’s matchups.  Your team will consist of six players; a top, a jungle, a mid, ADC, support and a flex position which can be filled by any player.  You have complete freedom of how to choose your team and will be a general manager with a budget of $50,000.  It is up to you to decide which pro gamers best fit into your team!  Every single different player has an assigned price and value so you need to select the composition of your team based on the constraints of the budget.

This empowers hardcore fans and casual viewers as well.  You will want to identify potentially undervalued players to create the highest-scoring fantasy team.  The nice thing about Alpha Draft is that it has both free and paid options so you can truly evaluate and test out your fantasy experience before you decide if you want to register.  Your team will generate points based on the gamer’s performance in the following stats: Kills, Deaths, Assists, and Creep Score (CS).  You will be able to follow along live and livestream for an even more enjoyable experience while you have the potential of winning between $500 and $1,000 every single week.

Are There Any Risks Of Using AlphaDraft?

The nice thing about AlphaDraft is that the founders have realized the addictive nature of video games and the allure of real cash.  This e-sports fantasy company has taken the proper safeguards to prevent children from participating in this software by using third-party age verification services so only legal fans can compete.  In addition, AlphaDraft complies on the federal level with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) as well as on a state level by not operating in those that have restrictions on skill-based fantasy gaming.  In fact, there are even safeguards against the professional players!  This service is entirely foolproof and safe to use for an adult!

Benefits Of Using AlphaDraft:

  • Free and paid options!
  • Easy to sign up and play!
  • Makes online e-sports more fun!
  • Potentially win hundreds of dollars!
  • New contests every week!
  • Offers the thrill of fantasy sports and roster management!

Start Picking Your Team With Alpha Draft Today!

With the global popularity of League of Legends and the LCS this website was made possible and backed by millions of dollars from investors.  If fantasy football isn’t for you, this harnesses the excitement and adrenaline, but with esports.  Start picking your roster of your favorite League of Legends gamers and potentially win hundreds of dollars on a weekly basis!  Try this amazing new website out and sign up today!

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